To have a successful and fulfilling graduate career requires balance. Whether you’re a sports junkie, a gym rat, or simply a fan of good food and relaxation, Washington University works with students to create a fun and relaxed environment. Take a look at these pages to learn more about the various resources and activities available to DBBS and MSTP students.

DBBS Student Resource Center

DBBS has launched a Student Resource Center to answer all of your questions!

Reporting Mistreatment or Harassment

All student’s deserve to be immersed in a safe and supportive environment. If you find yourself needing to report mistreatment and/or harassment, WashU has created a resource for easy access to reporting tools


WUSM and the Danforth Campus provide ample opportunities to join a team. See some of the highlights here.

Places to eat on and around campus

There are plenty of places to grab grub on campus of various options and types. This page tells you all about them, and soon will have info about places off campus within walking distance.

Shuttle and Protective Services

WashU provides security escorts and shuttles for all students, staff and employees. See details here.

Student Health

WashU School of Medicine offers a comprehensive medical plan for all full-time graduate students. Click here to learn more about the services provided.


Maintaining a healthy balance between personal time and work time is a vital part of a student’s mental and physical health. In recognition of this, WashU has multiple facilities available for students to unwind and work out.

Technology and Communication

WashU provides multiple types of software and technology help. They even helped make this website! Check out some of what is available here. And yes, our top of the line imaging center (WUCCI) actually has 2 VR headsets.