Welcome to the SACademic guide! The SACademic Guide is a student-written, student-produced guide designed to help you get involved in the St. Louis community. If you have any ideas of items we could add to the guide, feel free to contact us via the SAC email address!

Student Life

WashU is an amazing place to be. We’ve gathered a small selection of our favorite things that WashU provides to keep us sane and functioning.

Student Groups

The students here at WashU are dedicated and motivated. Over the years they have formed a number of groups designed for both work and play.

Professional Development

Want to stay in academia? Cool. Shift in to industry? Do it. Teach? Yup. What about policy? We need all the help we can get. WashU has tons of groups to help you test out and learn about tons of careers.

Living in St. Louis

St. Louis is just as busy and fun as any other large city. But we have a park with a free zoo, art and science museum, hot air balloon festival, and a Mardi Gras that is second only to New Orleans. There are lots of things to check out in this city; here’s a selection of our faves.

Tax Information

Yes, even as grad students we must pay taxes. Luckily, you’ve got a SAC member who (oddly) loves taxes and is happy to share their knowledge. 


Alright, straight-from-undergrad grad student, we’ve got your back on the basics we wish they taught in school.

SAC is always looking for more ways to help and support the students of DBBS. Message us at any time with questions, so matter how small. We love helping.