In 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote: “… in this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.”  Unfortunately, this is still true, and ALL graduate stipends and fellowships are taxable income at the federal, state, and (potentially) city level.

Paying your own taxes (especially those from a stipend) is likely a new experience for most graduate students. How you file your taxes depends on many factors. You can check out the individual pages for more information.

The basics can be found on this infographic.

Citizen and Foreign Permanent Resident Students (IRS definied: US Citizens, US persons, and US Resident Aliens) can use this FAQ Taxes for Citizen and Foreign Permanent Resident Students – it may also help you file.

For more information, please attend SAC’s annual Tax Workshop, typically hosted in March of each year.

Disclaimer:  We are not tax or finance experts and are not responsible for any errors on your tax returns. When in doubt, consult a tax, accounting, or legal professional.

Federal Taxes

We’ve been around the tax block a few times. Here are our biggest notes for filing your federal taxes.

MO State Taxes

Once you’ve finished your federal taxes you will then need to file your state taxes.

International Student Taxes

International students have slightly different tax requirements. Here you’ll find some of what we’ve learned over the years.