Voting – Tuesday Nov. 6

There is less than 1 week until the midterm election and many items on the ballot in Missouri. We recommend you craft a plan to make sure you successfully vote. This means decide how you will vote in advance (feel free to write them down and bring with you) and when you are going to the polls. Make your voice being heard a priority.

Voting location: For information about where your polling location is, please refer to the Missouri Secretary of State’s tool here.

Documentation: Missouri documentation to vote my be different than your home state. Please check here for more info.

Ballot Issues: In an effort to promote informed voting, a nonpartisan group (the League of Women’s voters) has put together a for/against breakdown for each ballot issue and judge. Information about specific items can be found below. Feel free to use these as jumping off points as you research the candidates and issues that are on Missouri’s ballot for this election.

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