A Brief Guide to Qualifying Exams

Qualifying exams encompass a stressful time during your Ph.D. We know, we’ve experienced them. It can feel like an insurmountable mound looming in the distance. But this doesn’t have to be the case, and we know you will pass. DBBS Interim Associate Dean Steve Mennerick has written up the following document as a means to […]

Estimated Tax Seminar 2020

Speaker: Chanel Lyon, ASFP, from Jackson Hewitt Tax Services. Slides from the talk: Estimated Taxes Seminar 2020 Basics of how to calculate taxes: First, know your sources of income. Taxable income depends on sources of income. Most sources of income are taxed the same. Talk to your personal tax preparer for this, because every situation […]

Home Buying Seminar Recap

We spoke with Real Estate Agent Kirk McCullen (314-951-1968; kirkmstl @ gmail.com) and Lender Drew Stiegimeier (618-779-7507; drews @ frontierstl.com) about what you need to buy a home while a graduate student. Most of the audio was recorded, and Kirk gave us a couple documents. Our notes of the event are below. Ultimate Home Buyer […]

SAC’s Guide to Voting in the General Election

Guide to voting in the general election in Missouri

by Nicolette Laird The general election is coming up and it’s time to exercise your right as a US citizen to vote! This year on November 3rd, you have a few options to cast your vote: mail-in, absentee, or in-person. Confused about the differences between these options? SAC is here to help! Click on the […]

Taxes for US Citizen and Foreign Permanent Resident Students

DISCLAIMER: We are not tax experts and cannot be found liable for taxes filed incorrectly. We are excited to share the Tax guide for US Citizen and Foreign Permanent Resident Students (IRS defined: US Citizens, US persons, and US Resident Aliens). In it you’ll find examples of how to calculate estimated taxes for Federal and […]

Tax Infographic

We’re not really graphic designers (some of us have a bit of experience), but we are grad students. So with that knowledge, please enjoy our tax infographic for how to file taxes for US Citizens. International students should look for help from the Office of International Students and Scholars, who have teamed up with The Law […]

Joining a Lab – A Question Guide

Congrats, first-years! It’s time to join a lab! SAC has put together a list of questions that may help you in your decision making process.