Virtual WIPs with The WashU Postdoc Society

In collaboration with the WashU Postdoc Society (WUPS), SAC is excited to bring the Virtual Work in Progress to life! You can sign up here should you want to present! We’d love to have you.

The Petri Dish featuring Dr. Petra Levin

This week on The Petri Dish we caught up with Dr. Petra Levin, Co-Director of Plant and Microbial Biosciences here at WashU. Not only is she an experienced mentor and scientist, but she is also an innovator of education, working to generate graduate student courses which seamlessly bleed into the graduate skill building. I invited […]

The Petri Dish

The Petri Dish is a weekly chat-session hosted by DBBS SAC members. This informal chat allows for social interaction in a time of social distancing and brings in guests who can help us continue to be productive (or just survive) during our lab-free lives. We send out weekly reminders on Friday morning with the Zoom […]