St. Louis has a bunch of great places to live. SAC has a couple of questions for you to determine what kind of location you want to live in.

Want your commute to be a < 20min walk?

Central West End

The Central West End (commonly known as the CWE) is a general term for the neighborhood north of the medical center. Considered one of the premier dining and entertainment destinations in St. Louis, the Central West End is home to over 40 restaurants and bars, all within a half mile of the medical campus. A majority of DBBS students choose to live in this neighborhood, citing the entertainment options, walkability, and safety of the area. Rent for single can run anywhere between $600 and $1200, which most in the mid-$800s. Rent for double apartments can run between $750 and $1600 often depending on the age of the building and amenities offered. Generally, high-rises owned by property management companies tend to be more expensive than privately owned (or historic) units only a few stories tall. The area is populated predominantly by students, young professionals, and young doctors and there is always something going on.

Want hipster and rad donut shops?

Directly to the south of the Medical Campus is The Grove. The Grove is a neighborhood with a very hip feel and personality. It is in the midst of a fantastic rebirth where restaurants and bars and even breweries (like local favorite Urban Chestnut) are popping up all over the place. The Grove is primarily populated by houses or townhouses, many of which are available for students to rent. Students sharing a house with classmates or existing residents can typically expect to pay between $400 and $600 for their own bedroom, depending on the size, location, and presence of an en-suite bathroom. There are apartment options in the area too, which are often a bit cheaper than those in the CWE. The Grove is rapidly becoming a more popular location with students due to the proximity to campus and the up-and-coming, hip atmosphere.

The Grove

Looking for a suburbia oasis?

Grand & Tower Grove

Moving southeast from WashU you’ll hit Grand and Tower Grove. There are many off-campus student housing options, with more being added every year. Apartments are generally converted homes. Rent for a 1br tends to be $500-700 and many places have a shared backyard. Although this area isn’t particularly popular for WUSM students as it does add to commute, with DBBS Metro pass, any commute is doable. This area is working hard to revitalize the student living scene, putting up newer and more luxurious (buildings with gyms/pools/etc) apartments for student living.

Quieter than CWE but only 2 Metro stops away?

Back in the other direction, in the area directly north of Forest Park, you will find the Skinker/DeBaliviere (here in St. Louis we pronounce that as dee-ball-ih-ver). Skinker/DeBaliviere is a predominantly residential area consisting of apartment buildings and some houses. The cost of rent in this area is reasonable, it is similar to or a little less than living in the CWE. What you will find is that many more of the buildings in Skinker/DeBaliviere have been recently renovated to have updated kitchens and even in-unit washer/dryers. While there is not as much in the way of dining and bars in this area compared to the CWE, it is a very easy commute to school with the Forest Park/DeBaliviere MetroLink rail station right there as well as very convenient bus options headed to the Medical Campus. This has become a very popular area for our students to live.


Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Check out these areas, too.


Directly south of Forest Park you will find Dogtown, which was historically the Irish neighborhood of St. Louis—in fact, it is home to the huge St. Patrick’s Day festivities that happen yearly. Dogtown is a quiet residential area with options ranging from apartments, to condos, to houses. The cost of living is similar to the other neighborhoods surrounding the Medical campus, but you will likely get a bit more for your money than in the CWE due to not quite being walking distance to the campus. While a relatively quiet area, Dogtown houses several bars and pubs that are classic St. Louis favorites. In addition, it is in very close proximity to the vibrant and historic Hi-Pointe movie theatre. With easy access to the highway, the shopping and restaurants in Clayton, and to the park (you could walk to the zoo!) Dogtown is a safe, historic area to live. Commuting to the Medical campus from Dogtown requires either a car, bike, or bus route as there is no rail stop in the vicinity.

University City

University City (UCity) refers to the large residential area to the north of the Danforth Campus. This area houses many of the undergraduate students in a mixture of student-friendly apartments and homes for purchase and rent. Due to the proximity to the undergraduate campus as well as the more suburban feel, UCity houses a wide range of restaurant, bar, and shopping options. Close to campus is the Delmar Loop, containing vibrant nightlife and great food. Further west is a more suburban feel with many families and homes for rent and sale as well as grocery stores and restaurants. Many students who choose to purchase homes check out the UCity area because the housing prices are considered to be very reasonable. Homes in this area can range from older to completely remodeled and there are some real deals out there!


Directly to the west of Forest Park is the Danforth Campus and west of it is the neighborhood known as Clayton. This is not as popular a location for students because it is known to be a bit expensive—but reasonable options do exist! Especially if students are looking to live in an older building. Clayton is considered one of the safer neighborhoods due to the higher cost of living and nice property in the area. Living in Clayton, one can expect to see a number of very nice single-family homes as well as expensive/luxury apartments. However, if one looks carefully enough, there are some older gems in the area that merit consideration for student rental! In addition, downtown Clayton hosts a number of great restaurants and is a fun place to grab a great meal!

The Suburbs

As you continue westbound on the highway, you enter the suburbs of St. Louis County. There are a number of different areas all with different feels and costs of living. Some, like Webster Groves are considered to be great for young families as the housing is fairly reasonable, the schools are decent, and there is a vibrant community there. On the other end of the spectrum is Ladue, an area full of beautiful homes that come at a large cost. Living in the suburbs is wonderful for students who either have a family or are planning to start one as the schools in the county are ranked better than those in the city. In addition, purchasing a home in the suburbs lends you more space and even a yard. With all these considerations, please contact a realtor if you want to purchase in the suburbs so you can pick an area that fits your needs!

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