Nobody expects neither the Spanish Inquisition nor that St. Louis has tons of fun things to do; but you better! We’ve curated a small list of some of our favorite things to do!

The Gateway Arch

The Arch is not only the gateway to the west, but a feat of modern engineering! Towering at 630 feet high and standing on the banks of the Mississippi, the Arch is too cool to miss. And if you’re brave you can venture up to the top, where windows give you a stunning view of two states at once!

City Museum

Remember when you were a kid running around playgrounds and jungle gyms, climbing on statues and jumping in ball pits? And now you see jungle gyms and they are just too small for you to play on. Well guess again. The City Museum is a 10+ story building filled with adventure for kids and adults alike! Go for a ride on the 10-story slide (amazing!) or on a Ferris wheel on top of a the building. Take a peek over the side of the building from the floating school bus. Climb into a rebar mantis. Go crazy and feel like a kid again! And if my 61-year-old dad can do it, so can you!

Forest Park

Forest Park is laden with a bunch of free places to go and see, including the Zoo, the Science Museum, the Art Museum, and the History Museum. That’s right, I said free. There are paid components you can add on, like special exhibits or rides, but walk in and out as many times as you want.

In the summer make sure to hit St. Louis Shakespeare Festival for one free Shakespeare play a year, which runs for an entire month during the summer.

In the fall the hot air balloon lights will appear. Check out the grounds of the art museum as hot air balloons swarm Forest park for the annual hot air balloon races. There’s music, festivities, and tons of balloons lighting the night sky.

The St. Louis Art Museum hosts SLAM Underground, and evening at the art museum which includes games, entertainment, and music.

Steinberg Ice Skating Rink

Right inside of Forest Park is Steinberg Ice Skating Rink, which provides wintertime fun every day of the week. Along with the rink there is a bonfire and a cafe, where you can sit and rest between skates. Tickets give you access for the entire day, so skate away!

The Muny

The Muny is the outdoor theater located in the heart of Forest Park. They perform around 6 musicals a year. Tickets are relatively inexpensive, and if you’re willing to get there early and wait there are free tickets available for every show. 

Rock Climbing Gyms

Climb So Ill and Upper Limits are both regional gyms in St. Louis. Check out the med student group “ClimbRx” for discounted memberships at the beginning of each semester!

Professional Sports Teams

We may have lost the Rams back to their original home in LA, but we still have professional baseball and hockey teams! Discounted tickets for the Cardinals and the Blues are available through the graduate program, so take an evening or weekend off and go enjoy a game!