Peer Mentors are encouraged to take their mentees out for lunch, dinner, or events! During these outings, the Mentor should use a tax exempt form. Please see page 12 of the Peer Mentoring Handbook for the tax exempt form.

The Peer Mentor Program will reimburse the Mentor after an event with their Mentee. Please save all itemized receipts and turn them in with the reimbursement form. The Program will reimburse the following:

  • Lunch – $10 /person
  • Dinner – $15/person
  • Events such as concerts, sports games, etc. – please email your coordinator for more details

Alcohol cannot be reimbursed by the Peer Mentor Program under the University Alcohol Policy.

A new change to the Peer Mentor program requires you to submit an Event Planning form if you want to take your mentee out, either for a meal or event. Please submit the form a few days before you plan to do your activity.

After the event, submit a reimbursement form (also found on p.9 of the Peer Mentor handbook) with an itemized receipt to one of the coordinators.